Terms of contracts regarding contracts which are concluded on the platform https://uc.works between

RUC: 6.132.268-7
Planta Urbana
5350 Independencia

– below called „provider“ –


in § 2 of this General terms and conditions named users of this platform – below called “participant”.

§ 1 Scope

For the business relation between the provider and the participant apply exclusively the following General terms and conditions in their valid form at the point of order. Deviated conditions of the participant are not accepted unless the provider explicitly approves their validity in a written form. Hereby the General terms and conditions of the participant are objected explicitly. They are even not obligating to the provider if the General terms and conditions of the participant state their validity as explicit term. Also acts of execution of the contract by the provider do not apply as agreement to the General terms and conditions of the participant.

§ 2 Conclusion of contract

(1) The participant can choose products out of the product range of the provider and collect them via the button “Add to Cart” in a so-called Cart. Via the button “Buy now” he makes a binding request for purchase of the items in the cart. Before posting the order the participant can view and modify the data at any time.

(2) Thereupon the provider sends an automatic notice of receipt to the participant via e-mail with the subject “Confirmation of your order and invoice at UNISON COIN” which shows once again the order of the participant and which the client can print out via the function “Print”. Together with the notice of receipt an electronic copy of the original invoice is sent to every participant which shows the regular VAT at the place of business of the provider. The original invoice stays at the place of business respectively of the accountant of the business.

(3) The participant accepts this as binding purchase. The provider respects the legal right for return of 14 days. For this reason provisions are paid-out with a delay of 14 days, to warrant the possibility of cancellation to everyone. Cancellation is possible within a period of 14 days after conclusion of contract. The participant has to make sure that the cancellation reaches the provider in due time. To make sure of this the timely sending of an e-mail to the provider with the subject “Cancellation” should be used. Only after the provider confirms this e-mail manually the participant can be sure that his cancellation was submitted in due time.

(4) The contract as well as all belonging data like personal data of the participant, billing data, purchases, etc are saved with consideration of protection of privacy.

(5) The conclusion of contract is carried-out in german. Place of jurisdiction is the place of business of the provider.

§ 3 Payment arrangements

(1) There is no restriction of participation worldwide.

(2) Participants can pay their order via bank transfer, via ADVcash or with a cryptocurrency. In case of direct payment via

(2.1) ADVcash the contract is classified as concluded on receipt of the amount at the provider.

(2.2) Cryptocurrency the contract is classified as concluded after at least six successful confirmations of the particular crypto-network.

(2.3) Bank transfer the contract is classified as concluded on receipt of the amount on the bank account of the provider. The participant is liable here to cooperate  if necessary to account for the legality of the transferred money to prevent questions about laundering of money or other.

(3) Payment of the purchase price is due immediately after conclusion of contract. There is no charge of default interest.

§ 4 Prices

(1) All prices which are stated on the website of the provider are including the particular effective legal VAT at the place of business.

(2) Depending on the product the participant receives the according amount of Token after conclusion of contract. These Token are completely virtual and cannot be exchanged with real values. According to the information on the website of the provider frequent splits are carried out.

(3) Depending on the amount of Token one can participate in virtual but also real events / seminars and other workshops / webinars or something similar.

§ 5 Instruction about data processing

(1) The provider collects data of the participant in the context of contract execution. In the process he is considering especially the regulations of the German Data Protection Act and the Tele-media Act. Without agreement of the participant, the provider will collect, process or use portfolio data and data of use of the participant only insofar as it`s necessary for the execution of contract and for availment and billing of Tele-media.

(2) Without agreement of the participant the provider won`t use clients` data for reasons of promotion, marketing and opinion research. Forwarding the data to third parties is only allowed if it´s directly connected with the participation. For example for verification, which is carried out by a third party.

§ 6 Verification, Prevention of money laundering Act

(1) The participant accepts explicitly that he has to carry out a verification. On the one hand this serves to make sure that every participant shows up only once in the concept. On the other hand this serves for the validation of money transfers and preventive inquiries in questions of the Prevention of money laundering Act or something similar by banks.

(1.1) An immediate verification is absolutely mandatory at a conclusion of contract from 10.000 Euro on.

(1.2) An immediate verification is also absolutely mandatory if the participant requests a pay-out of 5.000 Euro or more.

(1.3) Independently of the former mentioned points the provider can demand a verification at any time. The participant is obliged to obey as fast as possible.

(1.4) Every participant is allowed to participate once as individual and once as corporate body in form of an individual enterprise. The verification of an individual enterprises is carried out on the basis of an official proof of business. Other corporate bodies with more than one person in the management / administration are excluded here.

(2) The verification doesn`t generate any costs for the participant.

(3) Legal guardians or legal representatives are responsible for the verification of minor participants or corporate bodies respectively corporations.

§ 7 Login credentials, Participation of minors

(1) The participant chooses at the time of registration a distinct email-address and password. The participant is self-obliged to choose a safe password and to store it in a secure way. Should the participant notice any unauthorized use of his password or user account he is obliged to inform the provider immediately at info@unisoncoin.com

(2) Minors are explicitly allowed to participate. But all legal guardians have to agree. With the conclusion of contract the legal guardians accept the participation of the minor participant. At last at the time of verification the declarations of all legal guardians have to be present that the minor participant was allowed to participate. If the verification is omitted in addition either the participation will be classified as not valid and the participant has to pay the charges of cancellation or the account stays locked “as-is” until the participant reaches full age.

(3) The legal guardians respectively legal representatives are responsible for purchases of minor participants or legally similar positioned persons.

§ 8 Business partner

(1) Optionally the participant can also become a business partner after the successful purchase of the first product. Thereby he automatically takes over the obligation for payment of taxes for the particular income according to the rules of his residence respectively place of business or of his corporate bodies.

(2) All provisions are always including all taxes.

(3) Every business partner receives provisions according to his activities. Basis is the provision-chart on the website of the provider and the detailed explanations about it.

(4) The business partner also receives bonuses for exceptional achievements according to the bonus-chart on the website of the provider and the detailed explanations about it.

(5) If the business partner receives an extraordinary note of cancellation because he acted against the General terms and conditions or because he behaved dishonourable in another manner, the business partner is obligated to pay back all upto then received provisions to the provider.

§ 9 Board members

(1) If a participant of full age purchases a product worth a 100.000 Euro he automatically receives the possibility of participation in the supervisory board of the concept. Members of the supervisory board have more and deeper insights into business activity and are allowed to oversee the investment strategy (means co-decide about the disposition of funds). Members of the supervisory board are informed regularly about coming conventions / meetings. These can take place virtually or in particular places worldwide.

§ 10 Common goals

(1) The participant explicitly accepts that every purchase of a product neither constitutes an investment nor serves to create a cryptocurrency directly. The participant explicitly accepts that the goal is to inform about cryptocurrencies. Also the provider carries out efforts that in the future his Token can be exchanged for a cryptocurrency.

(2) The provider and his employees, assistants and business partners will do everything to reach this common goal in compliance with the applicable law. With it comes along to inform every potential participant exactly.

§ 11 Accessibility

(1) The participant acknowledges that a 100% accessibility of the website of the provider isn`t technically practicable. But the provider tries to keep the website accessible as constantly as possible, in particular to avoid maintenance-, security- or capacity-issues as well as events which are not under influence of the provider (like for example power failures, interferences of the telecommunications network etc.) but can lead to short disruptions or to a temporary suspension of the services on the website.

§ 12 Final clause

(1) On contracts between the provider and the participant applies the law of the Republic of Paraguay to the exclusion of the UN-CISG as well as the private international law. Nonetheless the provider will do everything to respect the applicable national law of the origin country of the participant. But due to the complexity we ask for indulgence. We will work as honourable as possible to reach the common goals of this concept.

(2) In case the participant is a business(wo)man, a corporate body under public law or a special fund under public law the place of jurisdiction for all conflicts resulting from the contractual relationship between the client and the provider, is the place of business of the provider.

(3) Even if single parts of the contract are legally void the contract stays binding in the other parts. In place of the void points the legal regulations – if existing – will be applicable. If these regulations would provoke an unacceptable burden for either of both parties, the whole of the contract will become void.